Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hiatus was a bad idea...

...because it made me lose my momentum.

So I need to spend a large portion of today and tomorrow getting back into the swing of things and figuring stuff out. I will not abandon this story--I've devoted too much time to it already.

So the things I need to write about:

1. The history of the war / past war snippets
2. The history of the Northern and Southern Ataryn nation
3. Character blurbs / facts
4. Kole's plan
5. Devii's counter plan

So I'm going to do some stream of consciousness writing to hopefully get me back in the game. I just need to write to finish the story...then I can take a break and write about anything I want.

Let the mantra begin: I must finish this novel...I must finish this novel...


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