Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So actually reading my novel [Blood Stone] was incredibly painful at first. Mainly because it's been a long time since I looked at it [dropped it like a hot potato in December] and because the first couple of chapters are being completely rewritten due to changes.

But they will benefit from those changes...lemme tell you. I was not doing so well when I first started writing the book.

But I'm now a few chapters in and it's pretty entertaining. The writing needs to be polished, but otherwise the characters are fairly engaging. Of course I will need other people to beta test so I can get some real opinions on my book.

Anywho...I'm chugging along and finished half of what I wrote. Now I just need to read the next half!


As for Revenant, character development is coming along. I've been using music and visual suggestions to help build characters. So far so good. One of my more complicated characters is coming out loud and clear. Now I just need to work on the others and we're in business.

Not gonna say any more on that for a bit--because I don't want to get distracted from my first nano[Blood Stone].

Speaking of distractions...I did the worst thing ever. I started reading a new series "Twilight" and fell in love with the characters. Now I'm worried there are similarities with my new book...there shouldn't be [thanks to planning ahead]. There is nothing worse than trying to write a good story and it ending up as fan fic.

Not that there is anything wrong with fan fiction...but that's not my goal here. I have a hell of a lot of original stories crammed in my brain and I wanna get them out there. Fan fiction can wait.

Well that's it for the update.



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