Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Hiatus

This have been getting I haven't written anything since Tuesday.

I've been busy with shopping, boyfriend, etc. So much to do before the holiday is over.
Hopefully I'll be able to write some more before Xmas...we'll see.

But the lack of writing has given me time to figure out some upcoming character things, namely Kole.

I've decided Kole is a scientist type thinker. He has a great desire to explore and understand magic. He believes that what he is doing will benefit others. His actions are meant to help others, although some sacrifices must be made. To many the sacrifices might be seen as horrible...but he rationalizes it.

Yeah...still haven't figured out what he wants with the stone yet.
I'll think on it some more.

So where are the characters as of Tuesday
They've escaped and they're on the boat to Dunoth. Othena is hatching another plan and Eovin is wishing the kids luck as he heads back to his normal life in Pembrin. Or will it ever be normal again?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy busy busy...

Today caught me off guard. I just had a lot of things to do and it ate up all of my time.

1. Gym
2. Cleaning my room
3. Combing out my hair
4. Washing my hair
5. Making muffins
6. Twisting my hair
7. Print the Harley Davidson ads
8. Creating a self-identity piece
9. Knitting time sort of slipped away. However, I do plan to make up for it tomorrow since I will officially be on break from school.

Thank goodness for breaks.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not trying to finish by Monday any more...

So despite all my attempts I've come to my senses. I highly doubt I will finish my story before I head home for break. So I'm just gonna keep working on it through break and hope to finish before January 1st.

Good luck to me.

Today was not that great. Only write 1,000 words, which is bare minimum. I was distracted by knitting and also got pretty tired.

What's the cure for the doldrums? Morning hopefully I'll do more Sunday - Tuesday since I don't have any more homework.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

sooo sleepy...want to keep writing...but must stop

So I managed about 2,000 words today bringing me to: 81,756

I took a bit too much time with one of the scenes because there were a lot of things I didn't understand. Things like guns, bullets and bullet wounds.

So I decided to not kill Cael but he had to be taken out of the picture. So I shot him in the shoulder since that's near the chest and could get everyone worried for a bit.

Then I found this article: It basically rants about incorrect gun info in movies. For instance removing the bullet and getting shot in the shoulder. But after reading this I have figured out how to make this work for me.

1. Cael needs his bullet removed because it's made of silver, which negates magic. The person trying to heal him is using magic, so it's logical. I even have another character ask why so I can make the action make sense for the reader.

2. Cael is shot in his shoulder--not to be cliche but because it's an easy target that's near the heart. Also, unlike the movies he will not be suddenly running about and saving lives with what should be a heavily damaged arm. Nope. Cael will be in a hospital trying to recover and eventually work to regain use of that arm. [There is a small possibility that he might lose use of the arm for good, but I haven't decided yet.]

So I've covered my bases. If I change my mind I can always go back and make him get shot in the arm as the article suggests. ::shrug::

So where are we now?
Devii and the kids got back to the church safely, but she noticed someone lurking outside. Inside, Cael is fighting the pain as Cora removes a tricky bullet. Also, Silas' secret is out when Cora and Eovin realize exactly what he is. But wait...Cora is an innate! Hooray for healers!

Where are we going?
Cael's bullet is out but he needs to go to the hospital. Devii, Silas and the kids are going to take the next ferry to Dunoth but they need to trick Othena so they can escape. I wonder how they'll do it?
Then we finally get to see Dunoth and meet the illusive Kole. Will they get the stone to him in time? We'll see.

So much to little time, but I've written 20K this month so far!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nearly to 16K

So for the second week of NaNoFiMo I'm trying to complete the challenge of writing 16K in one week. So far it's going pretty well I'm at 10K. I'm sort of trying to go beyond and write 20-30K for the week.

We'll see. I love to force myself, but I gotta be realistic.

So where are we in the story?
Devii and the twins were captured. Silas and Cael came to rescue them. Cael gave the blood stone in exchange, but it turned out to be a fake.
So now the group is on the run, Cael's been shot and Devii's hiding in the bushes with the kids. My they do get themselves into trouble!

What's next, you ask?
Well Cael is taken back to Sont Kantrell to be healed, but he's not out of the woods yet. Devii and the kids show up and she asks Silas to remove the "mark" Othena put on her by cutting it out.
Then the priests help Silas, Devii and the kids [they leave poor hurt Cael behind] go to Dunoth like they planned to hand over the stone.

So much to little time. But I'm doing it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I need to up my output

If this week is less hectic than last week...then why am I having such a hard time writing!

I wrote about 2k yesterday and about 1k+ today. Very disappointing. I need to stop being distracted and write as much as possible.

My week's goal is 16K and so far I'm at about 7k. Only 9k to go, which in total will put me at 83K.

I probably won't finish by Saturday but hopefully I can be down to the last few chapters. Or maybe I'll write enough that I can write more than 16K this week.

Here's hoping.

I'll write more of an update tomorrow.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Update: start of week 2

Current word count: 70,023

I have finally caught up. Hooray!
I still have a bunch of writing to do if I want to finish before December 17th.

But so far they've gotten to Pembrin, which is right outside of Dunoth.

So what's on the plate next?

A) Folks get kidnapped.
B) People find out they got kidnapped.
C) Kidnappees face their captors.
D) The hostage/kidnapper face off [some people get hurt]
E) They return to the church and get their wounded taken care of. Turns out one of the priests is a magic user. They show the bloodstone to the priests.
F) The priest helps them get to the ferry and blocks the pursuer's paths/they make it safely onto the ferry.

If I'm lucky I'll write all that tomorrow, but that might be a bit ambitious.

Well...that's all for now.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catching up...

School kept me busy for two days. So I worked my ass off Saturday to catch up.
Alas, I am too tired to finish.

So I'm at 67,730.

I should be at 68, I'm like off my about 1,245.

I can do that.

I just need to get back on track and then write more than necessary each day.

But now I sleep.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gaining ground...

I have been sooo busy with homework. I mean I am in finals week, but hopefully I'll still manage to keep up with my writing.

So I'm currently at 65,435.

I'm making slow progress but I have to catch up on top of making daily quota. I should have more time tomorrow to catch up and reach goal.

Come on girly! Let's reach the end of this story!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sickness and homework slow me down...

I'm tired and getting sick.

I had homework to do Sunday, which means I didn't write anything on Sunday [that and I got distracted by WOW].

As for today, I woke up sick and had more homework.
I managed to get my word count to 62,440--a measly 400+ words. So shameful.

But I'm tired and sick. So I figure I need to get some rest. So I'm heading to bed and hope to get an early start in the morning.

I just gotta keep writing!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sooo tired...must keep writing...

So today was the first day of Nanofimo.

I'm still surviving, but gave myself a lil break from writing today to game. Yay WOW!
Despite that I still managed to write 1,000+.

I'm going to start posting my word counts here since doesn't really allow you to post that kind of stuff, etc.

Overall, I'm moving slowly. Maybe I'll be able to write more tomorrow.


Word Count: 62023

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nano is offically over.

So today was the last day of Nanowrimo.

As of midnight I have 60,960 words. Hooray!

I still have a lot to write, but that's what NaNoFiMo is for. Although its for a month, I plan to try and finish before the 17th of I can spend the break editing.

We'll see.

As for my wrimobuddies, 6 out of twelve finished. Huzzah! I called Jean the moment I saw that she reached 50,000. I knew she could do it. We both have a lot of editing to do. Hopefully we can both beta test our stories on each other--I can't wait to read her novel!

So right now I'm going to take some well earned rest for the evening. Plus I have some homework to sketch.

Good job everyone!


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