Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nano is offically over.

So today was the last day of Nanowrimo.

As of midnight I have 60,960 words. Hooray!

I still have a lot to write, but that's what NaNoFiMo is for. Although its for a month, I plan to try and finish before the 17th of I can spend the break editing.

We'll see.

As for my wrimobuddies, 6 out of twelve finished. Huzzah! I called Jean the moment I saw that she reached 50,000. I knew she could do it. We both have a lot of editing to do. Hopefully we can both beta test our stories on each other--I can't wait to read her novel!

So right now I'm going to take some well earned rest for the evening. Plus I have some homework to sketch.

Good job everyone!

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