Sunday, November 23, 2008

Green bar goodness

Me: Hooray I won the NaNo! I rock... :: does a little dance ::

Inner Critic: Yeah yeah...big celebration. But is your novel anywhere near done?

Me: No...but I got 50k

Inner Critic: And you still probably have to write 50k more

Me: I better get to it I suppose.


So yeah as of midnight, I wrote 50,808. Woot!

I'm still writing at the moment, hoping to break 52k before I go to bed. It's been sluggish because I don't know the scene as well as I had hoped. But on the bright side I am so close to my halfway point I can taste it.

Sunday--let's kick some ass and break 60k.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Did I mention how awesome you are? I got home late, so I will be typing in this week's work later today, and then I'll post my update. *SMOOCH* Congratulations!


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