Thursday, October 11, 2007


So after much deliberation I decided that my story would be best if written in an original world.
My main reasons:
-Different origin story than the Earth
-Didn't want to use real city names, etc
-Wanted to humans to have a generally different believes toward different racial groups
-Radically different vampire origin story

Plus the story does not rely on it being on Earth.

So far it's been more detailed than I would have thought. I've been using site #1 and site #2. The sites are both similar and site #1 is probably borrowing a lot from site #2. But I prefer the order that site #2 uses--it just seems more logical to me.

My biggest issue is figuring out how to create an original, urbanized world for my character--one that has departed from the old ways, superstition and magic. But before all that I have start drawing my planet and all its continents, since I'm sort of stuck there.

I plan to try some more tonight. If it gets daunting I'll just remind myself that I only need to figure out what is essential to my story--the rest can be worked out later.

To work!

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