Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December brings NaNoFiMo

So it's now December and I'm determined to finish my novel.

I joined NaNoFiMo with the goal of 150k by December 19th, which means about 3k+ a day.
So far I'm doing pretty well and have kept up with my writing.

Been learning a lot while I go along...like the fact that parachutes were around as early as the 1500s. The first modern style ones were in use around 1885. Of course back then you had to hold the chute in your arms when you jumped and release it into the air yourself--but hey it worked. And it makes for a great scene.

So yeah. Olivia and Artemus just jumped off a moving airship, FYI. This adventure of hers just keeps getting crazier. Don't believe me? Two words:'rocket' and 'bicyle'.

And now I go to bed.

Current word count: 94,179

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