Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WTF! I should have been done before January reared it's evil head!

So I'm frustrated with myself because I am still 10 scenes away from finishing this novel. I promised myself that I would finish this book before the year ended and that isn't seeming so likely at the moment.

Procrastination and worry.
Worry that the scene isn't good enough or that I won't do it justice after it being in my head for months. Somehow I know how it should go, but when I sit down it comes out wrong. And all that worry leads to procrastination in the form of projects and just staring stupidly at the screen.

DAMMIT INNER EDITOR! I don't want you around right now.

I need to get a great deal written in very little time.

Let's do this!

I stayed up late and wrote some more.
My last and final goal is to finish the novel before January 5th when school resumes.

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