Monday, January 5, 2009

As I lay my novel down to sleep...

...I pray to the writing lords my sanity to keep.

Tonight's the night I am supposed to finish my novel. I will be keeping a running tally of my progress throughout the evening. And for my sake the night is not over until I go to sleep--hopefully after typing the words "The End".

8:40pm: 138,644 [Artemus and Olivia are speaking with Vincent Wells]

9:24pm: 139,339 [Olivia lets daddy in on the mistake she made...the one that started this whole adventure]

10:29pm: 140,008 [Olivia begs her father to destroy his last invention]

12:18am: 141,556 [Olivia and Cromwell meet again]
Gah! I am typing so slowly!

1:18am: 142,159 [Cromwell meets Vincent again]
Why can't I type faster?!!

2:11am: 142,610 [Olivia gets the upper hand]
500 words, epic fail

4:11am:144,860 [Cromwell is arrested and friends are reunited]
Still slow as hell, but as I've basically reached the end, I shall call it a night.

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