Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rocks fall. Everyone dies. The end

I was fighting the urge to write that all night and then:

“But you heard what Cromwell said. Others will come.”
“And he was right, you know.” Thomas said softly as he put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “They won’t let you go without a fight, Vincent. Sooner or later the agency will send someone else for you. And in the end, you’ll never be at peace.”
“I know.” Vincent said bitterly. “But what can we do?”

The solution to the problem was this. Rocks fall. Everyone dies.

The End.

Yeah...not really the ending of my story. I actually have one last scene to write, which is the actual ending. And I have two options for my ending:
A. Olivia, Artemus and her father leave the city, hoping to hide from the others for as long as they can. Perhaps taking them to interesting new locations.
B. Olivia and her father decide to stay and enjoy what tiny bit of a normal life they can have until the others come.

In both cases, being found is inevitable. I had always planned it to be option A and then I was like..."Why not stay? That's pretty ballsy."

But when it all comes down to it--it doesn't matter because my story will probably not even end with that option. Who knows.

Disregard the options. Hell disregard the excerpt--cuz it's horrible. But that's what you get when you are writing at 4am in the morning instead of sleeping. Blah why can't I stop writing this blog entry.

I know!



Penny said...

Go you! I personally think they should stay. Unless you wrote it the other way, and then you can always go back and change it. But I think having them run away would be too much of a cliff hanger.

If they stay, there's the "maybe they'll never be found, and they'll live happily ever after, though that is highly unlikely, oh why can't she finish the sequel already!" whereas if they run, it's more like "...and then what?" Staying seems more conclusive.

lolasangel said...

Yeah...I'm going with the staying option. Although I think the second draft might change the endings altogether.

Part of me is still worried that it seems too "the end" that people won't wonder if there is a sequel. But I got your point.


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