Sunday, March 29, 2009

Script frenzy, ahoy?

Yes! Script Frenzy, ahoy!

After a bit of coaxing by Penny, I have decided to dabble in scripting for this year's Script Frenzy at the start of April.

What pray tell shall I be writing?

A steampunk radioplay called "Mystery in the Aether".
It's about three women who created an agency called Remarkable Investigations where they are "well versed in the exceptional, strange and unexpectable" and take on cases of a similar nature. While it will borrow influences from film noir, horror and classic mystery it will have comedic elements.

The three main characters:
The Reporter - Katherine "Kittie" Holmes
The Scientist - Amelia Wright
The Explorer - Effie Cook

I'm planning to write four episodes to meet the required number of pages, and they are titled as followed:
1. They Call at Midnight - a case of civilian snatching
2. The Dead Hear Clockwork - rumors of a murderous automaton
3. An Odd Case of Wanderlust - sleepwalking amnesiacs and magicians- oh fie!
4. An Untimely Displacement - time traveling gone awry

That's the plan.

Since scriptwriting requires quite a bit less descriptive writing than fiction, this should be a bit easier to do. Plus 100 pages is far less work than the 500 or so I cranked out for Nano. [And of course I will cover my progress with Script Frenzy here.]

As for my novel, I shall continue planning and plotting until it's ready. I have sensibly moved my writing date back until May 1st or whenever all my prep material is ready (should that be earlier).

Well off to bed I go.


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Penny said...

I am so excited! I can't wait to read your scripts!


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