Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nanowrimo draws nigh

So it's October, which means NaNoWriMo is less than a month away. I'm both excited and nervous, but that's usual I think.

I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing yet, which is partly why I'm nervous. I'm also nervous because my laptop's keyboard is still messed up and if I don't take it into service soon, writing during Nano will be a chore indeed [currently using an USB keyboard, balanced on my knees, just type this and it's rather silly].

So this pre-NaNo season starts with a dilemma: rewrite my old NaNo "Icarus" or start something new. I think this is definitely the first time I've ever considered doing a rewrite for NaNo. In the past I would think of it as cheating, but after all the adjustments and changes the plot has seen during the past year it's almost like a new novel.

However, I spent nearly a year thinking about that story and sometimes we need a little break. So that is where the other story comes in. It's me trying to runaway from "Icarus" a bit--adult, lighthearted [near verging on silly] and unscripted. It is a story that will most definitely fly by the seat of its pants.

So it should be a "no brainer" right? Well it isn't. In fact I'm torn. Part of me wants to use NaNo to finish "Icarus" and make it reader ready. Another part of me wants a break from the serious--some fluff to keep my writing skills strong.

And that brings me to the third option of writing both at the same time. It's quite an endeavor for sure. But I've seen people max out 200k during NaNo [one person did 50k in a day], and I managed to knock out 80k last year. So I think with a good solid start I could probably aim for 100k as a goal [so about 50k+ each story].

Is it possible? Have others written more than one novel during Nano?
Hrm...I've got some thinking to do.

Til next time.

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