Monday, November 16, 2009

It's time to fly, Icarus.

So tonight I finally begin writing Icarus, my other and main story for NaNo. I'm a little upset with myself for starting so late in the game on the one I care most about, but life reared it's ugly head and kept me from finishing my planning. So I focused on the one that had no planning at all instead of this one.

But now the time has come and I'm terrified.

I'm terrified because it will be the second time I'll be writing this story...sort of...because the story is different this time around, but some of the characters and plot elements are the same. And this time around my inner critic expects more from me than the jumbled writings of most hurried NaNo novels.

In fact, I've begun the story in my head a least three different times in the past week. Everything sounds better in my head of course, so I can only hope it will translate to the page.

Given the limited amount of time I have to write this, I have no other choice but to write and write fast. So I'm going to tell my inner critic to shut up. I'm going to avoid rewriting scenes and simply press forward. I will go beyond the quota and if I get stuck it will be okay to skip scenes. Likewise, it will also be okay to jump back over to the other story.

However, I will appease my inner critic in one way. I will outline my scenes in advance. I did enough planning that I can do that and have some path to follow.

Well enough stalling. Let's begin...

(Word count: 25,032)

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