Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving...and 4 days to scramble

So things are going a bit better. I've been on quota for the last couple of days and hopefully will get much further beyond the winning goal of 50k (perhaps 80k?).

My partner in crime has not fared so well as she's been ill and far too busy with theatrical commitments. I truly want her to finish, but know that neither of us will be alone in December when we finish our novels. Huzzah!

Writing overall is going decently. Some of it is terrible but I've force myself to move on rather than dwell and let my inner editor win. After all, I'll have all year to edit now that my story is actually where I want it to be plotwise.

Looking back, this NaNo definitely did not go as planned and feels different somehow to the others. Perhaps I was overly ambitious and neglected the projects and work that would inevitably get in my way. And with re-writing this new version of Icarus, allowed my fears of inadequacy to make me stall far too long.

Still I plan to finish and as I'm only 3k+ away I think that is a given. As for the rest of the writing (because the novel itself will hardly be done) I will try to bang out what I can in the next three days...we'll see how legible it is once Nov 30th has finished rearing its ugly head.


Word count: 48,638

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