Saturday, March 22, 2008

Edit away!

So I've been working on my novel...mostly revamping the plot and figuring out the characters [I failed to do a lot of pre-planning before NaNo!] and logging the hours only to find out that:

"Planning does not count as editing"!

I just can't agree with that. I already know without reading my story that the plot needs to be corrected and the characters need to be developed. If I don't spend that time figuring that stuff out now--I'm still going to have to do it later.

Also by doing it in advance, means I can mark where and how those changes are going to come into the novel as I read through it--shortening the editing time. Huzzah!

Any way...the big changes:

1. Story truly revolves around Kole and Othena's conflict, but told through the eyes of Devii.

2. Silas' character must change: He is much more sly, cunning and charming. A wolf in human's clothing.

3. Plot changes:

a) Story starts with one of Devii's attempts to run away.
b) Devii goes into the forest to "hide" but Silas convinces her to actually try and go home with his help.
c) Silas tricks them into going after the stone...which leads to them being captured [basically he walks them into a trap].
d) Somehow [I haven't thought of it yet] they will be taken off course
e) Devii will turn on/abandon Cael and chooses to trust Silas [maybe Cael made a mistake--reason they went off course].
f) Completely different ending!!!!

So far I'm liking the changes.

Tomorrow I read and edit the novel!

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