Friday, November 11, 2011

Almost caught up...

Here's another update. To make things easier this Nano I'm going to use the following format from now on.

Word count:
As 2am this morning I'm at 14,869 words - a little over 3k away from the required 18333. Woo! Completely doable. The story itself is only 3 scenes in and clunky but slowly growing on me. Clearly another reason why it's good to plan/plot/character develop before NaNo, but I'll get the hang of it as I go along.

Inner Critic:
Still loud and very annoying. I've decided to appease her by letting those nasty comments become a part of the story - either through the snarky narrator or as notes that will inevitably be removed.

Actual Novel:
My goal this weekend is to try and get the novel itself caught up to the required 18k, but that means that I'm really at 7,811 a much more depressing 10,522. Blegh.

Characters Dead:
1 - The Great Vincenzo - Fell ill and died (in exposition)

Where are they?
The lovers are introduced, sort of and my MFC is about to sneak off to see a magic show.

Alright...back to writing!

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