Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Am I insane? Yes. Will I make it to 50K? Hell yes.

This has probably been the craziest NaNo of all time for me. I started 7 days late with one story and then 20 days into it, decided to start another one. [Hey, those words count dammit, no matter what the end result is].

Yes, that's right, I'm no longer writing a story about the roaring 1890s. Now it's something more of a insane tale about a girl cursed to calamity if she leaves her home and a boy doomed to eventually blow up working together to find her brother who has been kidnapped by a robotic Pied Piper along with a slew of other children.

It's pretty crazy, but I'm loving it so far. I think I'll even try to finish it in NaNoFiMo and then polish it up during March.

Tonight I wrote 8k. And that's after a full day of work at the job (which is partly why I've gotten so damned far behind).

I earned some cheesecake and sleep.


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