Thursday, October 9, 2008


Right now I'm focusing on the bits and pieces of the original myth to inspire the story.

Originally, Icarus's influence was only going to appear in a set of mechanical wings. But then I had a curious thought:

The main character sees a heavenly body in flight--a winged man. Then abruptly someone falls to the ground before her: a man wearing a pair of mechanical wings. At first she thinks he might be dead, but then he gets up, dusts himself off and begins muttering to himself something about calculations and mistakes. Eventually he realizes he is not alone and turns to face his audience. Dust coats his face, his eyes hidden behind equally obstructed goggles, which glow as if lit up. Then the lights dim and the lenses are lifted [they flip up] to reveal a set of intriguing grey eyes. The man smiles warmly and extends a dusty hand.

"Hello I'm Artemus."

This image has nearly burned itself into my brain. I don't yet know what role he will play, but it will be a big one. Artemus is also not a name I completely set upon but it will do for now. Not all of the moment was written down as they have a bit of banter about how the protagonist would have assumed his name to be "Icarus" and the man laughs and note the reference to his wings and fall.

So yes, we have an Icarus-like character, but the falling and wings is mostly where they relate. In contrary, my first impression of this character is that he is rather brilliant, eccentric and a bit mysterious. There is a possibility that he might even be dangerous [but not an overall antagonist]. While he generally thinks before he acts, his may think quicker than most of us and therefore seems to act brashly.

Side note: he may have been experimented on, the creator of the labyrinth or the reason for the labyrinth...we'll see which.

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