Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So after helping my Penny with her plot, I've found I'm at a loss with mine.
Although I am using the Labyrinth for inspiration, I would really prefer to not just make a steampunk version of the same story. I want an interpretation.

But that is causing problems since I don't know where to start.

Maybe I should approach this how I would directing a play. Of course, one does not generally change the plot when doing this, but it could help me figure out the most important elements of the story and figure out how to work them together there.

Somehow I need to figure this out. And maybe that's how. After all, I can come up with all the outlandish plot ideas, but in the end its gotta go back to the basics.

So to the excerptlopedia!


Penny said...

Hmm... I'll think on it. You were talking at one point about your protagonist trying to find her way out of the "labyrinth," so maybe "Icarus" and "Daedalus" could be a side plot--they are also trying to find their way out, but they always have these hair-brained ideas that never work...? Like they've tried to tunnel out, fly over, etc. etc., but everything they've done has failed, so she has to find a new way to get out?

Just a thought.

Penny said...

Just read your comment on my blog... :)

Ariadne could be a really interesting addition...

Thanks for the ideas. Do you have any good suggestions for developmental psych books that would be helpful? Children being forcibly taken--I like that.


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