Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mein gott only 10 more days!

So I'm nervous because there are only 10 days left for me to get my stuff together for Nano.


I have a protagonist.

I have a very vague/rough goal.

I have the inklings of an antagonist/antagonistic forces.


There are only two ways to go about figuring out the plot.
One is to force it out and the other is to work with the characters.

If I am to work with the characters, then there are few people I really need to deal with: Daedalus and King Minos. And two other things: the Labyrinth and the Minotaur.


A few key details from my excerptlopedia-ing:

Daedalus--is the protagonist's father and a famous inventor, who was involved in a secret project and society. He bears this secret heavily, but unfortunately it passes on to his child.

King Minos--the wealthy technophile leader of a now-defunct scientific organization, which he hopes to restore. His son is acting on his behalf.

Minotaur--an experiment or invention [which used test subjects] and possibly involving a living being.

Labyrinth--a laboratory or laboratory/commune that has been lost over the years. It may be located near or far outside the city. Or it was incorporated into the city itself.


And should all else fail, I have a back up novel of fluffy goodness entitled "I'm in love with a Mad Scientist", which features the adventures of a young socialite who falls in love with a scientist, who is committed to an insane asylum for his theories by her father who really just wants to steal his ideas. She decides to free him and becomes his sidekick, as they seek revenge on her father together.

In fact, I might work on that whenever I get writer's block during Nano--and to alleviate the stress.

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