Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writer's Block is a curious thing...

So after my last post, I thought I was truly stumped.
Of course a few hours later, I started thinking and out of nowhere the wheels of inspiration started moving again.

And suddenly...a flow of ideas.

I will not mention them, for fear of jinxing myself before I really figure out the full plot. But I will leave you with these few thoughts.

My breakthrough came by looking at alternate scenarios for the original story, like the opposite game. Basically I thought to myself:

What if Theseus had not come yet?
What if the Minotaur wasn't killed?
What if Daedalus and Icarus escaped?
What if Icarus didn't die?

All of these opposites have helped me create an alternate universe for characters based on the Greek myth.

Key themes I plan to deal with:

Gender roles
Power/Playing God

Tehee! That's all for now.
I shall reveal my grand scheme later.


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