Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let there be plot.

At last...I have most of my least the first half.

I would love to post it, but fear of jinxing and stealings prevents me.
So I will put down some hints of things to come in the post...with names of course missing.

Plot points:
1. Someone will leave home to seek adventure.
2. Another secretly plots to kill a sibling/rivalry.
3. War is just a giant spectator's sport.
4. The only way to really get attention to dress in drag.
5. Someone will find their long lost sibling.
6. A few people will betray each other.
7. A person who seeks revenge will befriend his enemy's child.
8. Someone lived for 4-5 years alone without any human companions.

However, I hate to leave people craving the steamy *pun intended* plot I've been I shall make a deal. Here I will post the rough plot of my writer's block novel, which is no way related, currently titled:
Mad Love (or How I Stopped Fretting and Fell for a Mad Scientist)

The daughter of a wealthy financier, who turns on her father when she discovers her has stolen the ideas of a brilliant young man and had him committed. As it turns out, her father is part of a group that intends to keep science out of the hands of the masses--under the falsehoods that science is akin to witchcraft.

Outraged that her father would do such a thing, she helps the young man escape and agrees to work with him. Their first goal is to raise money and she pretends to be held hostage. Finally funded, they begin to reek their havoc on the city in the name of science, which they believe should be free to everyone.

Their actions are discovered by another group [a League Of Like Minded Scientists perhaps, with a crazy acronym I have yet to figure out] and they are contacted. Given this option to join other scientists to fight the evils of a non-science world, the young man and his friend have a rather important (and silly) choice to make.

That's all the planning I'm gonna do for this story, since it's all supposed to work on sheer imagination and spontaneity. Mind you, this is just for when I get writer's block or bored and I will definitely post the episode-like chapters in the Excerptlopedia.

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