Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4: Back on track - finally!

Phew. It's the end of Day 4.

After a lot of false starts, self-sabotaging, etc, I am finally writing. However, it is not Memento Mori or Resurrection Man as I originally planned. They simply had too many plot holes that I had to put them on the back burner for another time.

Instead, I'm working on what I've called "The Girl in Red". It's a story very very loosely based on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and set in a Steampunk setting. Our leading lady is a military courier who works for the R.E.D. (Regional Emissary Division)known for their red uniform jackets. It's one of the entry level ranks in the armed forces for women and she hopes to earn her way up the ranks to airship pilot.

As for the wolf he's more on the "good" or "neutral" side. He's an old friend of the MC from her days on a "transport" (although they were occasionally involved in smuggling) ship when she was rejected by the military for being a woman. He's got a bit of a wild side and is a thief, but comes from one of the wealthier families in town - although he'd never tell her that.

I won't go into more detail about what happens yet, except to say this: it all begins with a delivery going terribly wrong.

Word count as of midnight - 6,022 words

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