Friday, November 16, 2007

Damn you brain!

My brain and I are having an argument:

Me: I just wanna go to sleep. No writing tonight...please?

Brain: Hell no. You'll just fall behind.

Me: But I promise I'll write tomorrow morning--tons!

Brain: Right...I remember you saying that before. I don't believe you.

Me: ::grovelling:: Oh please great brain I'll do anything.

Brain: ::rubbing temples:: C'mon you have like 800 words to go for quota.

Me: I know...that's why I should get tonight off.

Brain: No deal. Jean is whomping our butt and I wanna get ahead.

Me: Fine. Just give me some good music and I'll do my best. But don't expect it to be good.

Brain: I never did. I nearly gave up tonight, but my brain won't let me.

I need to write tomorrow morning so I get over quota and get a well deserved break. I needs that soooo much!

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