Monday, November 26, 2007

I am a winner...okay now go back to writing.

So this morning I hit the big 50,000. Hooray!

I celebrated briefly and quickly returned to writing. I might have had met the Nanowrimo goal, but I still have a lot of story to write before I'm finished. And I want it done before the Nov. 30th, but I won't be angry if I don't.

I reached 53,000 tonight, so that makes 6,000 total for the day. Go me.

I finally decided to give my characters a break: they got a little swim to clean up after fighting zombies. I mean if I was covered with gore I'd want a bath too.

They also picked up a new friend. She's a little blind girl named Ila. Her twin brother, who they are going to find is name Eli. Hehe...yes I'm a clever one when it came to naming. Ila is nearly Eli backwards...but Ile doesn't sound as nice for a girl.

These two kids have some nifty powers. Eli can produce forcefields and Ila can see through the eyes of others.

Progress check: I just finished with #8 and now I'm working on #9.

Time for bed.

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