Sunday, November 25, 2007

Try and try again.

Today I tried for the big 50,000. I tried my best but only managed to write about 5,000 words. It was a lot of work, but it's going pretty well.

I would have reached 50,000 if I had written 45,000 the day before. Oh well.

So tomorrow I will go for 50,000 again--maybe even 52,000.

Where am I in the story? About #6 if you check one of my previous posts. They're currently being attacked by zombie as two kids try to steal the stone. Othena is watching them from afar, planning to swoop in after the zombies have killed the bounty hunters.


I think I would be able to write much faster if I had planned out every scene down to the description. Despite all my efforts, descriptions just keep stumping me. Just need to plan out each scene as I go along and hope for the best. I can always just go back and edit. [But that's the plan for next year.]

I'm nearly a winner, but still so much to write after that.

So tired.

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