Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm getting so close I can taste it!

So all my nerves aside...I have kept myself writing. I'm at 57,420. It might be crap now but I can always edit!

That's right...nothing is set in stone. Not names. Not places. Not scenes.
So write your heart out to get it done so that it's done. Otherwise it will never be written.

Ne who...

I got past one of my big fight scenes. It was weird--like choreographing dancing. I had to really think it out to describe it, especially since a lot of it is hand to hand and not with weapons or anything. I will probably have to go back and fix it after watching lots of wrestling and films that feature combat and such.

Revealed some new shite--hoorah! Poor Devii's now confused since she found out she's more similar to Silas than she thought. Turns out she's part ellementti--an ancient race of shape shifting elementals. Thanks great-grandma! Not sure how that will go yet plot wise.

So I'm around the end of #10 and about to move onto #11.

Just cruising along baby!

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