Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank goodness I'm already ahead.

So with all the Thanksgiving hooplah and what not I wrote a total of 500 words.

Yep. That's a far cry from the 5,000 I was aiming to write. I will start writing tomorrow morning when I'm less tired.

So I seriously need to make headway Thursday, Friday and Saturday--no more bare minimum. I want to write as much as I can.

The plot as I see it will continue like this:

1. Devii learns more about Silas and why he was being held captive.
2. Cael leave the group to find Devii
3. Devii encounters a strange being and is nearly killed by it. Silas saves her. Cael
4. Othena and others discover Cael is missing.
5. Cael, Devii and Silas are captured when they get close to their destination.
6. They meet their captors who were sent by Kole to retrieve this stone. They proceed
to try and take the stone, but it triggers a fail safe which attacks them. Devii
et al escape and try to get the stone, but it was taken by someone. Othena shows
up and they hide.
7. Othena stops the fail safe and talks about Kole as they watch--they run off.
8. Devii asks Silas to explain what is going on. He explains the stone and that they
must get it to Kole. Cael is skeptical.
9. A child and man had taken the stone, but they are cornered by others like Silas
who sensed the stone. They capture them.
10.The group shows up to rescue the child with the stone and exit forest to deliver.
11.Somehow they get split up and someone is taken.
12.Hostage situation. Othena offers someone in exchange for stone-will kill them if
deal not taken. Group manages to save hostage and keep stone, but one of them is
killed anyway.
13.They take care of their dead or wounded and make their way to Kole.
14.Devii and Silas deliver stone to Kole. Othena arrives after it is given. She
reveals the truth. Silas betrayal/Kole's intent.
15.Silas explains to captured Devii. They form a plan.
16.They enact plan.

It's a lot to write but it seems like I'm about at the halfway point of my story.

I can do this!!

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