Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm exhausted...

I was going to write tonight, but I think I may just hit the sack early and write in the morning.

Why? Because I didn't really get to eat dinner at a reasonable time, so I am feeling semi ill. Plus I'm already past 50,000 words so I can relax a bit. Grr...

So I read this website of a person who is completely against Nanowrimo because it means a plethora of crappy novels by wannabe authors. I see what they sort of mean, but for some of the participants Nanowrimo is a catalyst. As it was for me.

I have always wanted to be a writer and wrote a lot of short stories when I was young. I even used to check out the Writer's Marketplace book and study all the publishers listed. When I got older, I had less time to write, but I was never short of ideas for novels. But I never wrote anything that was a full length novel--ever. I sort of thought it wasn't possible for me as I tend to not always finish things.

But Nanowrimo has rekindled my love of creating characters. Although I first thought of this story as just fluff for this challenge, I've become engrossed in it--to the point that I want to write more--a sequel even!

My one goal for the rest of this year and the next is to finish my novel. Edit and beta test it [friends you'll be doing some reading for me] and maybe...just maybe try to get it published. I may also start writing short stories again to submit to magazines.

Lordy lordy...I have a new hobby [sort of]. So that makes what...5? Writing, photography, costume design, comics and cooking.

Well at least I'll be busy. Maybe I can write 6,000 words tomorrow. We'll see.

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