Friday, November 2, 2007

It began...and I fell behind.

My original plan was to have all my characters, places, world building stuff done before October 28th. That did not happen.

My other plan was to start writing at the stroke of midnight on October 31st/November 1st. That also didn't happen--I was tired, a little tipsy and developing characters.

So it's day two. I've only written 281 words I'm going to delete and replace with a better opening. But it's all good. The plan for today [as I have no class or extensive homework] is 3,400.

But before this I plan to do some more character work [on any character mentioned in those first 3,000 or so words]. I'll have all Friday night to write. I'm buying me a pizza and holing up in here until I get some writing done.

But now I need to write up a Nanowrimo contract offering myself certain things if I achieve my required goals.

Whatever I gotta do to finish.

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