Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rock on!!!

So I didn't reach 45,000...I got 42,000.

But it's looking good so far. I fell behind because I had homework for one of my classes and it took up a bunch of my time [ pissed about during the break homework].

Any who...except for a quick trip to Goodwill, I should be able to spend all day writing. So a goal like 50,000 might be within my reach.


Where are my characters now?
Devii has reunited with Cael in the forest and Silas isn't too happy about it because Cael seems to have a grudge against his kind.

Do I smell love triangle? Hrmmm?

Othena and Zavier are resting peacefully a few miles away. They'll soon find out Cael is missing when they wake up. Huzzah!

G'night folks.

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